Package 4:  Recreate Thyself

This package is for those looking to move to the next phase of their spiritual journey as a energy healer.  With the completion of the activation and these classes, a door opens to attend the Healers Academy, where one becomes certified as a Life Activation Practitioner.  This program is separate but a part of what I do, as it includes a larger group of people, both students and teachers, from around the world, and it is facilitated by the Modern Mystery School.  These events happen twice a year in Toronto, and also in locations across the globe.  They include 5 days of learning healing treatments for the various energy systems in the body, and of course how to perform the Life Activation, which includes your very own magick wand!

Package 4 includes:

Life Activation
Empower Thyself
Sacred Geometry:  Level 1
Astral Travel
Journeys of the Spirit
12 Races of Earth

Regular total price: $1660

Package price: $1460 +HST

Savings of $200

Prices for Healers Academy vary.  Please contact me for inquiries on future dates, locations, and pricing.  For more information on the Healers Academy program, check the Modern Mystery School website: