Journeys of the Spirit

Throughout our life, we come to points where we feel like we are being guided by something outside of ourselves.  This may come as a ringing in the ear, a vision, or a gut feeling. However it comes through, it is a message, and we use our intuition to hear and understand it. Many of us have difficulty understanding what is coming through, or perhaps, that a message is being sent.

This class is a series of guided meditations into your inner sanctuary.  You will be guided in 8 meditative journeys outside of yourself through the spiritual dimensions and meet with the beings that are with you on a daily basis. From your higher self, to Gaia, the elements, and many more, we all communicate with these beings in one way or another. Learn how to discern their messages to unlock your awareness and the intuition that flows from within.

In this class, you will learn:

  1. About clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, and which works best for you
  2. Be guided to meet with your higher self, Gaia, and other beings of light.
  3. How to safely communicate with the appropriate beings
  4. How to create a safe and protected space
  5. How to use the tools given for your spiritual evolution
  6. Signs to know the information you are given is for your highest good

Investment: $250 (Full day workshop)