Energy Cleansing

Unknowingly, stress, trauma and ill wishes from other people can cause psychic and auric damage, which can result in physical discomfort, or a general feeling of low energy. These people can be tied to us by an energetic cord, which can add to the discomfort by “pulling” on your energy. This series of healings will cut away all negative cords, remove negative energies, fill and purify your entire being with light. Leaving you feeling light and cleansed.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Emotional Cord cutting clears the energetic connections that keep a person locked in repeating patterns of thought, feelings, emotions from past or present relationships which no longer server their progression.  It cuts old attachments and addictions that may be holding one back.  It may also help in healing relationships in many cases.

Negative Energy Removal

Negative energy removal (Curse/spell removal), restores the energetic balance within ones being, clearing away psychic and mental blocks that may be slowing you down.  These blocks may be the effect of someone having ill thought towards you.  Whatever the situation, this healing will help in bringing forth a clearer mind and calmer emotions.

Purification By Light

Purification by the Light is a cleaning shower for your aura.  It clears away debris and unwanted energies.  This is a powerful way to get blasted by light to wash the impurities away.  Leaving you feeling light, calm, and in the moment.

Exchange (Package for 3): $85