Spiritual Warrior Training: Level 1 – Empower Thyself

There are many paths to enlightenment or to attain more spiritual knowledge.  It all depends on which ones resonate with you.  This Spiritual Warrior training is the first step to a path within the lineage of the Mystery School, a school containing many great students and teachers throughout history, where the main focus is to Know Thyself.

This program, known as Empower Thyself, is an intensive 2 day class where we delve into concepts, teachings, and practical tools that will bring the student to a new realization as to who and what they truly are,  bringing about a deeper sense of understanding and an alignment with your purpose in life.

The class ends with the student being initiated as an “Adept” and enters into a lineage that has been passed on orally from teacher to student for over 3000 years.  Initiation is a holy ceremony that connects the student with the ancient lineage which grants them the authority and protection to do the important work of mastering thyself.

Day 1:
What is Initiation?
What is Ritual?
King Solomon the wise
The Human Potential
The Dimensions of Existence
Who/What is God?
The Hierarchy of Light
Meditation Journey – Part 1

Day 2:
Influence of the Ego on the True Self
The Cycle of Human Processes
The Human energies
The Powers of the Universe
Chi, Ki, and Hara energies
The Universal Kabbalah
Meditation Journey – Part 2

What else is included:

  1. Initiation into the Lineage of King Solomon
  2. Ancient rituals for empowerment and protection
  3. Sanctuary Meditation technique
  4. The structure and higher functions of the mind


Investment: $900

Pre-requisite:  Life Activation

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