Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation is the next step after the Life Activation.  As the Life Activation activates your spiritual DNA and the connection to your higher self amplifies, the Full Spirit Activation increases your connection to your soul body.  You begin to increase your awareness of the other energy bodies that exist outside of your physical body, which includes the soul.

The connection to the soul is deepened when we work to awaken the “old brain”, which includes the pituitary and pineal glands, thus, also connecting us deeper to our spirit.  As the souls awareness to the physical experience grows, we can live a more aware and meaningful life.

This activation will help support and raise your potential by:

  • Unblocking channels of awareness within the physical and energy bodies
  • Wakes up nervous system and sensory system within physical body
  • Heal aspects of the soul to fight apathy
  • Elevate all connections in life; with people, nature, source/universe
  • So much more

Investment: $160