Meditation has been the key to gaining a peaceful state of being for centuries.  It is the backbone of many spiritual practices on the planet.  Challenging for some more than others, like anything, it takes practice to fully understand the workings of meditation.  Each class is geared toward a specific intention, and we use many forms of meditation to achieve these intentions.  Anything from passive, active, guided, or moving meditation, there are many ways to connect within.


Drum Journey: A meditation with drums

Rhythm and drumming has been a part of the human expression since the beginning of time.  Everything has a rhythm and a sense of timing, from the rotation of the planets to the cycles of earth, to the beating of the human heart.  It is ingrained in who and what we are.
Each session is different from the other, with a common theme of bringing more awareness and clarity to the mind. From breath work, to mantras, to the chakras, there are many places to explore. I share my passion for drumming and love of meditation in an  introspective workshops, a meditation in connecting inward to gain more balance, grounding and healing with the help of the drums.


Max Meditation

Max meditation is a simple and effective system used to meditate.  It uses a combination of ancient and modern techniques ranging from yoga mind exercises to NLP to make this a very effective method to reduce stress, increase vitality, and enhance the overall well-being of an individual.  The techniques are simple enough for a beginner to follow and an effective way to enhance the practice of any regular meditator.

This system was developed by Gudni Gudnason, lineage holder of the Modern Mystery School, after traveling the world for the last 35 years and exploring the phenomena of the mind.  It contains a blend of the ancient methods learned from his prominent teachers in India and Tibet.  It is designed to truly teach you how to get the most out of your meditation practice.


Ancient Egyptian Meditation

Are you drawn to the mystery of Ancient Egypt?

Would you like to connect to these ancient energies?

Egyptian Magick has been known to be one of the most powerful magicks in our world. The Egyptians lived an extraordinary life. A life full of Abundance, Love, Passion and great Joy!
This magick has been long held as a secret in the Mystery School tradition and it is a part of the schools lineage and initiatory path.
As the energies in our world shift we are now more than ever ready to tap into this powerful energy.
Allow yourself to embrace the passion and love of this ancient magick so that we can experience the knowledge of how we can live our life as the Egyptians once did.

Be in touch with the Goddess and God within and grant yourself a beautiful life!


Rune Meditation

Runes or “Elder Futhark”, are an ancient alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick, they are an oracle from which one seeks guidance and advice.  They were originally used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland, but now they are used throughout the world by many.  The word “rune” actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each rune has an esoteric meanings and properties associated with it. Each translates into a word or a phrase signifying concepts representing the forces of nature, the mind, and life. Each rune has a story attached to it, a relationship to a Norse God; from Odin, to Thor, Freya, to Tyr.

We come together to use the runes for a night of divination and meditation.  To go deep within and seek further guidance from an ancient system that is once again emerging to the masses.

The event consists of a short talk on each Rune, a personalized reading, and a guided meditation.