The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is where I have studied for over 12 years.  I came in looking for something, hungering for something more, I couldn’t explain what it was. I found myself drawn to the teaching and rituals that were taught in the classes.  Not sure exactly what they were all about, but I could sense a power within every teaching, every concept.

The school is part of an ancient lineage that dates back 1000’s of years.  To a time when magick, ceremony, and ritual were common practice.  They were used to help communities to work together, and create an abundant, peaceful lifestyle.  This school in specific has been brought out to the public to once again help to regain balance on the planet.  This may take many years, but we believe it is possible

The goal for the student is to learn, or remember, who they are, to Know Thyself.  Not what they were told to be by society, religion or elsewhere, but to be guided and taught to find the answers within.  Each step, or initiation, brings one to a higher vibration and understanding of consciousness.

Modern Mystery School International: